We do recruitment differently at Mojo Recruit. We offer a flat fee, low cost recruitment solution for all businesses - but we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

We have ensured our solutions support you in 4 key areas - Strategy, Money, Time and Team.

With a strong background as business owners,  we have learned over the years that these areas represent the biggest recruitment hurdles for business.

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Why Mojo?

At Mojo, we have a strong background as business owners so we know first hand the challenges of running a business. Moving from business owners to business mentors, we have coached many businesses to success and have a deep understanding and knowledge of how to make a business thrive.

Because of this, we realise that recruitment needs to be tailored for the unique situations you face and cannot be done effectively using mass delivered traditional recruitment methods.

Recruitment is not about simply placing someone in a job, it is about understanding the business and your specific needs, which ensures a long term positive outcome for both business and candidate.

This is what some of our clients have to say

I’m extremely happy that in under 6 weeks I have two new team members who are the right cultural-fit for my business. The team at Mojo Recruit gave me incredible, expert advice on what my business truly needed, rather than just posting an ad and hoping for the right person. The group interview and video processes were enlightening, I would definitely recommend this service to other small business owners.

We have a very clear brand proposition and using their software solution system means we can filter applicants down to the candidates that are really wanting to work with us, not  just wanting a job. It's easy to use, the video applications and interviews save time and really allow candidates to deselect themselves from the process!


The service provided by Mojo Recruit is outstanding. The support we receive means I'm confident in getting the right person. Working with Mojo Recruit saves us from sifting through hundreds of applications,
and the quality of people we get is fantastic.

Using Mojo Recruit meant that I wasn't worried about recruiting staff. The way they managed the process stopped the stress and took a weight off my shoulders. I only got qualified candidates. You can trust that Mojo Recruit gets to know your business and chooses the right candidates.
The group interviews are simple, time efficient, and allow you to meet many more people. It's great having someone from Mojo Recruit to help with analysis after the interview. We felt confident we had the right person.