A misunderstood quality you may be overlooking

In the current culture of Me Me Me, a plethora of social media and the constant pressure of trying to attract the most ‘likes’, it can be easy to think that what we want to see most in our people, particularly leaders, is boldness and charisma. 

But a Wall Street Journal article says we may be missing out in more ways than one if that’s where we place our focus when looking at recruitment.

Recent studies have shown that humility is one very important quality that we have likely been overlooking, very much to our detriment. 

Not only do humble leaders inspire others and naturally seek feedback to improve themselves, they have lower turnover and absentee rates. Put simply, a humble leader can be a powerful yet discreet force in your business. 

Do you have any people like this in your business currently? And how do you recognise genuine humility? 

The problem with finding these people is that they are often not easy to spot amidst the noise of those trying to make themselves heard in our current environment. 

It can be hard in a 121 interview to really get a true sense of how someone will react around others. Many have become masters at adopting a particular ‘interview style’ that can in reality, be quite artificial. 

Add in the fact that up to 54% of people, according to the Daily Telegraph, think it is acceptable to lie in a job interview and it can be a minefield trying to find the right person for your business. 

If you’ve ever been conducting an interview and get the feeling that something isn’t quite right, it probably isn’t. You need to learn to trust that gut instinct and know the questions to ask that really delve beyond the superficial layers to find the person that truly fits your business.

It’s time to rethink traditional recruitment processes and consider utilising a range of techniques. Tailored video screening and a unique group interview process are some of the ways we have found that not only find the right fit for business, but save time and money doing so.

You just have to think outside the box. 


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