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Why Mojo

About 30 years ago a young boy had a dream, he dreamt that one day, when he grew up and had a business of his own, that he would have a dog, and that dog would go everywhere with him, even work!

Fast forward to 2014 and Mojo, the black brindle English Staffordshire, that is the inspiration and fore-bearer of the Mojo Recruit brand, is that dog. He is fun-loving, adores people, loves to sit in a meeting (to which he will always bring a ball!), is loyal and tenacious ( ever heard the phrase ‘like a dog with a bone’?!!) and will do tricks for a treat.  It took a while for us to uncover his gifts with finding people, but that’s for a whole other story time, let’s just say he really gave us our ‘mojo’ back when we needed it most. What you need to know is this dog has super powers and we just knew that the hours he put in with our team at work made him the perfect namesake for this brand and it’s values.

About us

With all the businesses we have created, run or coached there has been a common theme and that is one of helping people to find their level of extraordinary. Of all the challenges that a business owner faces we realised that the place where we can easily and quickly be of most service is with finding a team that is the right cultural fit.

We learnt firsthand the downside of not getting this right, plus how time-consuming it became to go out fresh to market each time to find new people. So we developed a comprehensive system that allowed us to do this, whilst still remaining authentic and true to our values. Over time many aspects of this have become automated but the one thing that has remained is that we are experts in bringing the ‘mojo’ to any team!
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OUR PURPOSE is to "Cause the Extraordinary" and we do this by living our VALUES

Icon Value Fun


We don't take ourselves too seriously, we look for ways to continually enjoy what we do.

Icon Value Authentic


We are genuine in our interactions with people whilst remaining true to ourselves. Originality comes from authenticity.

Icon Value Collaboration


We work with each other and our clients in a way that develops us all and takes businesses to the next level.

Icon Value Balance


Is not about perfection but about enjoying life FULLY.

Icon Value Passion


Is at the core of WHY we do what we do and infuses purpose into everything.

Icon Value Candour


We are open, honest and transparent in our communications and whilst we value directness it must be for the benefit of all.

Icon Value Excellence


Means embodying greatness in all we do. We continually strive to deliver on this to everyone all of the time.

Meet the Team

At Mojo we like to get to know who we are working with.

So we have shared a little about each of the people involved here at Mojo and what it means to them. Superpowers included!

lisa sized


My life’s mission is to inspire and empower people to connect back to who they really are so they can live their true purpose. Mojo inspired me to do this and I am proud to be a Dog Mumma to such a big-hearted loyal fun-loving fur child!
My intuition is my superpower and I have honed this over two decades to allow me to guide people to their purpose and vision for their life.
Julian nov2019


Over years of employing and coaching within businesses we understand how vital the right recruitment is to a business's success. We believe in causing extraordinary results at every available opportunity.

Being direct and tenacious - Life's too short to waste time beating around the bush and I will do whatever it takes!

DrCARLY2 sized


The people here genuinely believe in what we do and our values aren't just words on a piece of paper. Everyone's voice is heard here and that makes a huge difference in the way we work. Not to mention it's fun here too!

The People's Champion - I always have to keep going whilst I know I can make a difference to someone.

Ann profile picture


Our goals are clear; expectations are set in a collaborative manner.  No such thing as a bad idea here. I love our ability to change while maintaining our mission and core values, in an environment where our customers' needs are changing rapidly. I can be myself and the team is the icing on the cake

Seeing the forest and the trees—and even the underground root system, travelling to the outer edges of a problem, then working my way back to reveal all the parts and how they connect.

John Sized


From my perspective cultural fits is by far the most important aspect of hiring the right people. 'Culture is king', protect it at all cost!

X-ray vision - through being a coach I get to see what's going behind the scenes!!