General Questions

How do I apply for a position?

You can click on the button at the bottom of our Employee Page then apply directly through our Jobs board. It's quite a simple process.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Of course! We have 3 guarantees... Depending on the package you buy will depend if any or all apply. Guarantee 1 (Success Guarantee) is that we keep looking for your placement until the role is filled. Guarantee 2 (Placement Guarantee 30) is that we offer a full placement guarantee for 30 days from start date. Guarantee 3 (Placement Guarantee 90) is that we offer a full placement guarantee for 90 days from start date.

Where are the jobs advertised? How do you attract candidates?

We use all the major job seekers sites like Seek and Indeed, 19 in total. We also can target specific potential candidates on Social media like LinkedIn.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the package you choose will impact the duration. Generally speaking it usually will take 3-4 weeks to place the right person. Depending on your needs we can try and shorten the process although we like this to be the exception not the norm.

What are your Recruitment Fees?

Our Recruitment Fees are fixed prior to us accepting the job. We have packages available or we can custom design a package specifically to your needs.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. All our costs are fixed and disclosed before accepting the job.

Do you recruit staff from overseas?

Yes we can recruit from overseas. It will largely depend on the employers though and their willingness to sponsor if sponsorship is needed.

Why do you use Video Questionnaires?

Resumes only tell part of your story. We use the questionnaires to get a sense of who your are as a person to ensure you will be a good fit the company recruiting. This ensures we don't waste your time or the time of your potential employer.

What is candidate profiling?

Candidate Profiling are short questionnaires ( about 5-10 mins) that identify behavioural traits. This ensures that the candidate is actually suited to the role.

Do we keep candidates on database?

The answer is NO. We go to market each and every time to ensure we are getting the best possible candidates to apply for each and every role.

Where are we based?

Our head office is on the lovely Sunshine Coast, but we have people all around Australia. It doesn't matter where you are we have a solution that will work for you.

Do you offer other business solutions?

We do try and stay with the people aspect of business. We do have great working relationships with some great companies and people though, so we should be able to guide you if you need some help.