How we work with you in a franchise:

Firstly, we need to understand your business. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and understand that the right people in your business can make or break it. We work with you to get a clear picture of what it is you really need to move your business in the direction you want and then create a recruitment strategy that fits.

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Looking for a franchisee?

Often people make the mistake of bringing on board a franchisee that fits the company brand and direction OR has the business acumen to undertake the job. For the franchisee to succeed they must have BOTH. Because it’s not always easy to find, this process is managed by an expert Franchise Recruiter who understands the business - from the experience your franchisee requires to the financials needed to get their store up and running.

Need to staff one of your franchise stores?

Whether it’s one staff member or a whole staffing fit for a new opening, we tailor our advertising and shortlisting processes to ensure we find people that not only can do the job, but are a perfect match for your brand. We won’t send just anyone through your doors. This means you have transparency and consistency across all your stores!

Benefits of using Mojo Recruit

Mojo Recruit is the one stop shop for your franchise. Whether it’s franchisees you are looking for or a complete staffing fit out of one of your stores, the Mojo recruiting system is perfect for franchisers as it provides a single, sustainable process that ensures each franchise is receiving the same high quality staff.

We give you the structure to support your franchisees to work on building their business while maintaining the quality and standard you expect of your franchise and sustaining the values that are paramount to your brand.

From tailored job board branding to a clear uniform web presence our fast, efficient and affordable system can replace all your internal recruitment needs.

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Pricing Structure

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